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About Our Organization, Objectives, Commitment, and History


From the outset, DeForest Sales Company chose to create a unique business model defined by customer satisfaction & relationships, and distributor partnerships. We continually challenge our manufacturer's conventions, search for and exploit change as opportunity, and adapt faster than our competition. Our products are designed and developed to provide useful innovation to the OEM customers.


  • To be known and respected as a professional sales organization.
  • To concentrate in the area of electro-mechanical, passive components and design solutions.
  • To provide our principals with complete coverage. Our reputation is based upon excellent service, reliability, dependability and honesty.
  • To concentrate sales and engineering efforts with design and component engineers to ensure that our products are specified.
  • To coordinate negotiations with key purchasing people that mutually benefit our customer and principal partners.
  • To be an extension of our manufacturers' sales, engineering, advertising and marketing efforts.

A manufacturers' representative is only as good as its people. We will continue to position ourselves as a leader in our industry. We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible and, most importantly, to reinvest back into the company and its people.


In 1977 DeForest Sales Company was founded by Tracy DeForest and has covered the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Prior to this time his father-in-law owned the company and serviced the same area. In January 1992 Tracy retired and his son-in-law, Mike Crosswhite, was made President and CEO, retaining it's unequivocal company name and reliability. We are proud to say we still maintain a large percentage of our original Principals and Customers - now for more than a quarter of a century.

Lee DeForest

1873-1961, American inventor, grad. Yale, 1896. He was a pioneer in the development of wireless telegraphy, sound pictures, and television. His triode (1906) made practical transcontinental telephony, both wire and wireless, and led to the foundation of the radio industry. He is frequently called "the father of radio."

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